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Finndu leið!

Finndu leið!

Finndu leið! (translation: Find a route!)
A web with hiking, running and cycling routes in Iceland. The web is for people who love training outdoors in our beautiful nature. We want people to motivate each other to go out and play!
Users can tag their Instagram photos with #gongum (e. let’s hike), #hlaupum (e. let’s run) and #hjolum (e. let’s ride). The photo’s are then display’ed on our web to inspire others.


Arnór Aðalsteinn Ragnarsson
Jón Tryggvi Unnarsson
Katrín Dúa Sigurðardóttir

Tools & Language

Psd/Ai/Premier - Sketct - Invison
HTML/SCSS/JavaScript - Node JS
Express JS - Mongo DB

Finndu leið! 3/14