I am Birna Thorkelsdottir.

I am a Reykjavík based designer and web developer with a mean eye for details and photography. 
I love designing solutions and playing with code. I also love secondhand finds, a good cappuccino and most of all spending quality time with my family.

What I love to do.

I am passionate about the web and love the whole development process, from conceptualizing to designing and building a web application.

my portfolio web
web design

I love the web and I love designing for it. I design with the user in mind and believe that the magic lies in the details.

web development

Building a web application with clean code and seeing it come to life is super rewarding!

concept development

I believe in the importance of research and thrive on finding the right questions and answers to develop an inspiring concept.


A picture is worth a thousand words! True true. I am a great photographer and have a good eye for finding the right picture for the job.


I have acquired a well rounded work experience in the last 10 years. From freelance and independent projects to working for companies, laying out their design strategy.


May 2019 - Present

Creative Director at Hugsmiðjan, a digital agency in Reykjavík, overseeing all creative work at the agency, designing and building beautiful web solutions.

Cabana A/S

April 2018 - May 2019

Digital Designer and Frontend Developer. Web design and development, identity design, presentation design and photography.


2011 - 2019

Lead Designer at a start-up company. All inclusive work, e.g. branding, identity design, layout, photography, web design and development.


2008 - 2018

Diverse freelance design work; graphic design, logo and branding, con­ceptual work, photography, web design 
and development.

Skills and assets.

My biggest asset is people skills, I am versatile, project oriented and enjoy problem solving. I like teamwork and feel that combining strengths can be productive but I also work well on my own initiative. I am happy by nature and I'm always ready to lend a helping hand.


Ambitious, Creative, Team player, Responsible, Outgoing, Fun and Flexible.


Conceptualising, UI and UX design, Web development, Photography, Graphic design, Branding and Agile project management.


HTML/CSS/Sass, Javascript/jQuery, PHP, SQL, NodeJS, Angular, WordPress Develpment and Shopify.


Figma, Sketch, InVision, Principle, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Visual Studio Code, GIT, Premier, Keynote, Asana, Trello and Slack.


I have learnt so much in the last couple of years and feel confident about my choice of combining web development to my prior education in graphic design. The future is tech.

Bachelor of Web Development

Aug 2017 - Jan 2019

KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.

Diploma in Web Development

Aug 2015 - Jun 2017

Reykjavik Academy of Web Development / Technical College of Reykjavík.

Bachelor of Graphic Design

Aug 2004 - Jun 2007

Iceland Academy of the Arts.

Highschool diploma

Aug 1998 - Jun 2003

Hamrahlíð College in Reykjavík, natural sciences program.


Like a typical Icelander I speak English fluently and the wonderful hybrid language called Skandinavisk, a combination of the nordic languages with an Icelandic accent. Danish is slowly taking over as I am very focused on mastering it and I am taking classes once a week at the Copenhagen Language Center.


Íslenska er mitt móðurmál.

Icelandic is my native tongue.


Fluent level.

Reading, writing and speaking.


Conversational level. I can understand quite well, 
read and write simple texts and hold up a basic conversation.