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In collaboration

Two is stronger than one. Our workforce consists of 20 fingers and two brains, our projects are under the scrutiny of four eyes. Sometimes we joke that we are like a two headed design-monster. In reality we have founded a great team. We truly believe in collaboration.
...Oh and did we mention we are sisters?
Thorkelsdottir is a multidisciplinary studio, our work ranges from design to photography, from coding to web development and all those amazing projects that fall in between or outside those definitions. Our strength lies in idea-making and the fact that we have visual control over every aspect because of our photography skills.




Birna Bryndis Thorkelsdottir

B. 1982, Birna is a designer and web developer with a mean eye for details and photography. Birna holds a BA degree in web development from KEA - Copenhagen School of Design and Technology and a BA degree in graphic design from the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Birna is working alongside Jóhanna as Creative Director at Hugsmiðjan, a digital agency in Reykjavík, overseeing all creative work at the agency, designing and building beautiful web solutions.
Birna is passionate about the web and loves designing and coding. She also loves secondhand finds, a good cappuccino and most of all spending quality time with her family. To learn more about Birna check out her online resume.

Johanna Helga Thorkelsdottir

Jóhanna (B. 1978) is Creative Director at Hugsmiðjan, a digital agency in Reykjavík. Jóhanna is a hands on creative with more than 10 years of experience working in the creative field of fine art, design and photography. Jóhanna has a MFA degree from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, BA from the Iceland Art Academy and studied Web Development at Reykjavík Technical College.
Jóhanna loves the web and it’s unlimited creative and practical possibilities. She also loves art, karaokee and above all her husband and three kids.